Vintage Vegas with a Twist

The party is over….for 2019 – See you next year!  Nevada Preservation Foundation’s annual Home & History event was a sold-out wild success…AGAIN!

NPF’s mission is to preserve and revitalize historic buildings and places in Nevada and to cultivate a presence around cultural heritage and tourism. Retention and restoration of the local built environment fosters not only a sense of place but also helps to build an engaged community for residents and visitors alike. They know that preserving our Las Vegas area buildings is as much about our collective history as it is about strengthening neighborhoods, creating jobs, diversifying tourism, and boosting conservation.

Home & History 2019 #hhlv
Heidi Swank, Executive Director for NPF

They accomplish this through with their efforts in preservation, education and advocacy.

This is the 3rd year I have been involved in providing photography for this event which is a great creative burst of people, homes and social enthusiasm for vintage Las Vegas. My parent company, North Star Multimedia has the opportunity to provide the event swag and assist in much of the professionally printed products that are required for an event of this magnitude.  The most significant by-product of this “gig” is learning, seeing and capturing some amazing history in Las Vegas that transcends from the dust of the desert to all reaches of the US of A and internationally.  PEOPLE LOVE THIS!  Young hipsters right along-side  well worn loafers that remember “back in the day”…

In the souls of the people the grapes of wrath are filling and growing heavy, growing heavy for the vintage. John Steinbeck

IMHO critical mass and success for any event is the volunteers.  This particular event durated and hosted by Executive Director Heidi Swank and her All-Star Management team; they have developed and delivered equal scope and tourism recruitment value similar to Palm Springs and other similar events across the country.  Passion drives success!

Home & History Las Vegas provides numerous events that include walking tours, bus tours, educational (and, entertaining) presentations, social events and event shopping this year partnered with the Dolphin Promotions and their Vintage Vegas Modernism show.

Revivals + Ranches: A Stroll through Time

As the event photographer, I am tasked with capturing many of the individual events.  Friday mid-morning began with a Walking tour of “Revivals + Ranches” walking through Las Vegas’ 1st historic district.  This 2-hour guided walking tour weaves through time, featuring popular styles of residential architecture from the 1930s – 1950s.

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Vintage Boulder City Home Tour

Next on the shot list was to head out to Boulder City for their 1st ever home tour.  I frequent Lake Mead often and had always gazed upon some of the classic homes that must have incredible history.  In fact, The very first marketing ploy that got Las Vegas on the tourism map was the final construction of the Hoover Dam and Las Vegas was then known as “The Gateway to the Hoover Dam”.  The views were spectacular!

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Vintage Vegas Modernism Show

The first ever Vintage Vegas Modernism Preview Party benefiting Home + History happened Friday night! you got a sneak peek at amazing vintage and new modernist furnishings and decor. Patrons found furnishings and decor they couldn’t live without and thank goodness you don’t have to! Folks could have a glass of wine, nosh on some fab appetizers, and enjoy the entertainment!

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Seeing Stars: Celebrity Homes by Bicycle

Ok, no rest for the wicked (photographer)! Saturday morning musters folks with an adventurous spirit and do the Celebrity Homes bicycle tour. So much fun!

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Charles Phoenix: Las Vegasland

The average guy might be watching sports on a Saturday afternoon or something….but, there was a great party going on over at the Liberace Museum hosting Charles Phoenix and his Las Vegasland HIGHLY entertaining presentation. The Liberace Museum brings out the best HIGH-BROW in EVERYONE.  SO MUCH FUN!

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Martini Tour: Backstage at Binion’s

Guess what? I have lived in Las Vegas over 12 years (and, surprising to me – my fav residence eva!) but I am not a purveyor of casinos and strip clubs synonymous with the Las Vegas brand. But, tasked with shooting the Martini Tour at Binion’s once again I was happily surprised with the history shared on the Backstage Tour led by April @ Beyondthelights– April also did the Beverly Green walking tour. This girl knows her stuff!  Did you know that Binion’s was the second only elevator in Nevada.  And the first to offer A/C in the lobby.  So many 1sts!  And, what is really exciting that we saw and learned on the Backstage Tour (we were not allowed to take photos) that Binion’s is in the process of doing a vintage renovation of these old rooms that Lucille Ball and many other starlets (including ghosts!) stayed.

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Tract Development for the Chic + Fabulous

Well, my dogs were tired (my feet) so I called it night early in anticipation of Sunday morning’s Beverly Green Historic District walking tour led by April. This newly registered Las Vegas Historic District was once home to some of Las Vegas’ most chic and fabulous. The 90-minute guided tour weaved through four residential tracts, showcasing custom and tract home design in Midcentury Las Vegas. Taking a look behind-the-scenes into the private neighborhood of Vegas’ past showgirls, entertainers, bankers, and wealthy casino moguls!

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Vintage Vegas Home Tour

After cruising by the self-guided driving Home Tour check-in station it was time for a big plate of visual dessert! The Boulder City Home Tour was really cool but, the homes designated every year on the Las Vegas Home Tour are bar-none worth talking about for the entire year until the next batch of Home Tour comes around. Generally speaking, 50% of the Home Tour folks are local Las Vegans and the other 50% are folks that plan their vacation time to take this tour. So freaking cool.

Live for today – Plan for tomorrow – Party tonight! #hhlv

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