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Tease with Twirls

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This past month or so Flickr artists were posting up some really fun “twirl” renditions created in Photoshop using a sequence of various filters.  Now “twirls” have probably achieved urban lexicon status due to their popularity.

twirl samples

I probably experimented with 20 different images and they all were fun to compose in-process. This tutorial from Jay SonyALphaLab got me going and it might get you going as well!

Sort of like Origami, after awhile I was looking to take my creativity to the next level.  I had this really fun photo I took of some urban art on Fremont Street downtown Las Vegas.  I loved the colors and so I experimented with the first couple of steps of twirling.

But, instead of doing the last couple of steps to achieve the graphics like the above samples, I wanted to have this commercially printed as a 18″ x 24″ backdrop for glassware tabletop photography.  The goal was to accentuate the effect of visual refraction with glassware on a patterned backdrop.

It turned out, IMHO, the twirl ended up being the best rendition.  What do you think?

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