The event in Palm Springs, California is the crown jewel of the HITS Triathlon Series and will once again be the home of the 2016 HITS Triathlon Series Championship. The Coachella Valley is a stunning venue that offers beautiful vistas in a dry and sunny climate, perfect for a December triathlon. The course in Palm Springs is fast and awesomely scenic!

My friend Kay and I signed up for the 70.3 distance which was on Saturday along with the long course athletes (140.6 miles) as well.  The swim course was a little lame as the artificial lake swim course was pretty shallow and you could actually walk if you got pushed too far to the right and then you had to exit the water and run around a cone for the second lap.  The bike course was really fast and CHP (California Highway Patrol ) provide highway traffic support and managed all intersections.  The run course was excellent as well with a mix of cement walking paths, asphalt road with adequate cone protection and dirt trails.  Personally, my run sucked but it was only due to the blisters on my feet due to the wrong choice for 13.1 mile running shoes.

Kay came in 3rd or 4th place and I came in NOT LAST.  LOL  After retreating back to our basecamp, grabbing a great meal of sushi that night, we headed off to Joshua Tree National Park before heading back to Las Vegas.  The winds were howling so we were not motivated to stay longer than knocking out a hike and grabbing some pics.