Belleza en México

Trip to Portugal got canceled due to COVID-19.  Plan B ~ Return to Cancún, Mexico.  It had been three years since my last visit and I would typically never return to a similar location, but, Mexico is open for business and I had a great time in 2017.

Model: Aurora

I have a photographers profile listed on Model Mayhem and one of the features of that web portal is to try and connect with models in other areas.  On a recent trip to New York I had connected with a model but, again, thanks to COVID-19 that shoot was canceled.  Cancún only had three models listed in that area but really one that seemed active as a professional model.  Sent a DM to Aurora and she quickly replied with her availability and rates. Digital handshake complete and now time to creatively ponder the upcoming shoot!

It would be probably too easy to call models “flakey” but it does seems most that list themselves as models are really just Instagrammers living in the Kardashian dream world and are not very serious bout working with photographers.  Aurora was none of that so I felt secure in making plans for a highly productive shoot.  Part of that was the hotel I had chosen, the Hilton Canopy as a new brand of boutique hotel with a remarkable rooftop pool setting offering great views and backdrop for the photoshoot.

Probably the most critical moments in a photoshoot with a new model is the initial greeting and vibe.  Aurora immediately gave off a genuine warmth and beauty and I felt confident in the images we could capture together.  Am I wrong?  I hope you enjoy!

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