Robert Baker swimming in Lake MeadI am a commercial and stock photographer and registered as an official Getty Images stock photographer. Starting my business, North Star Multimedia in 2000, with my primary camera body as the NEW Nikon D1 for $5500, I jumped in just as the professional photography business was going to be turned on it’s head overnight.

Part of that transition was the rapid degradation of billing $$’s and I quickly saw I needed to diversify my service to include professional graphic design and web development.  In 2007ish I started migrated all web development to a WordPress platform and then in 2013 incorporated promotional products as part of my multimedia marketing services.

This website just showcases my public catalog of imaging via the Robert Baker Photography umbrella.  I do sell stock imaging based on need and inventory.  There are a body of images I distribute through Getty Images that are mostly editorial.

North Star Multimedia

North Star Multimedia is a Veteran-owned and Las Vegas based web design and marketing company serving clients in Nevada, Alaska, New York and California.

Mission Statement

Girl modeling Valley Trash t-shirtNorth Star Multimedia is committed to providing the best in multimedia marketing products to companies dependent on creative marketing campaigns. Our target clients who target audiences of 1,000 and greater.

We specialize in creative and integrated marketing programs. We assist large and small businesses leverage new digital mediums, infusing their existing message, products and services with a new vibrancy. We have proven expertise in helping the client to reach out and market efficiently, and we have helped many businesses tap into lucrative markets they only dreamed of reaching before.
Business to Business…it works!

Company Background

North Star Multimedia is the entrepreneurial vision of Robert Baker affording over 25+ years of professional experiences in marketing, sales and photography. From his marketing beginnings of driving pedicab in the jungles of Waikiki, to being a regional account manager responsible for over $10mill in annual sales to opening his own creative marketing shop in Alaska.

The birth of the Internet and social media has demanded companies rethink standard marketing campaigns and show their customers they are equally innovative, high tech, and as ‘fun’ as the customers they target. Think different, package different, and design different. “Out-of-the-box’ campaigns are no longer reserved for radical and rebellious niche markets.